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Boxsharing (English boxsharing from box “box, cell” and sharing “sharing; transfer to another” from English (to) share “share”) is a short-term rental of a warehouse (container, mini warehouse, cell, box) for storing things. This is an option for renting a warehouse for individual / operational storage of things for a short period from one day to 11 months. Boxsharing is suitable for businesses and individuals. Such a warehouse lease model is convenient for the periodic use of the warehouse or in the case when a warehouse is needed that is different from the one usually used in terms of cost, volume, location, convenience of access to the warehouse, the availability of additional services for packing and receiving cargo. Boxsharing is a part of the Sharing Economy, when citizens and commercial / non-profit structures refuse to acquire goods in property, so as not to bear responsibility and costs, but continues to have access to goods for a small fee, using their joint consumption

Renting a container for online store in Skladikoff will save you time and money. We offer cells of any size both for small online stores and for large chains with distribution points in Moscow. All warehouses are guarded 24 hours a day. Security and video surveillance protect goods around the clock. The renter can get to the warehouse at any time.

Renting a prepared warehouse container is suitable not only for organizations, but also for individuals. Such a warehouse will successfully cope with the careful storage of home furniture during repairs, building materials. seasonal items, car parts, tools. With security and video surveillance, you can not worry about the safety of your belongings. Use of the container is possible 24/7.

It is convenient to use the container not only as a warehouse for goods, tools, equipment or furniture, but also as workshops, laboratories, workshops, and production studios. The most important plus is the availability of electricity and lighting inside each container. Round-the-clock access is also convenient for each Tenant.

Warehouse Addresses

1 Container site SkladikOFF Perovskaya
Moscow, Perovskaya st. 1

2 Container site SkladikOFF Shosseinaya   
Moscow, Shosseinaya st. 1zh

3 Container site SkladikOFF Eniseyskaya
Moscow, Eniseiskaya st. 39

4 Container site SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya
Moscow, sh.Yaroslavskoe 3, korp.3, str 2

5 Container site SkladikOFF Odesskaya
Moscow, Odesskaya st 6