Every motorist knows that with the onset of a particular season, it is necessary to change the tires for winter or summer. It depends only on you how long your tires will last, because improper storage of tires can lead to:

  • tire deformations;
  • drying of rubber and the appearance of microcracks;
  • damage to the discs by corrosion (when stored together);
  • accelerate tire wear.

In order to avoid wasting money on new tires, we advise you to follow the rules for storing car tires.

    1. Correct storage position. In this case, you need to choose a spacious, wide place. Since winter tires are softer than summer tires, it is recommended to store them on disks to avoid their deformation. In any case, do not put any heavy objects on the wheels. They can also lead to deformation.
    2. Storage conditions. It is best to store tires in a dry, dark and closed room with a temperature regime not exceeding 20-25 degrees. Of course, you can leave them under a canopy, but only for a month! Otherwise, it can lead to various deformations of the tires. Therefore, it is best to choose a specialized room.
    3. No plastic bags! This method of storage causes condensation inside the package, which, in turn, has a destructive effect on the bus. And if you store the tires together with the wheels, then corrosion can not be avoided.
    4. Tire storage position. The storage surface should be flat and wide. If you are going to store wheels without disks, then you will only need a vertical position with support on any surface. Wheels with disks can be stored in a suspended state (but only for the disk itself), or in a stack of 2 pieces. It is important to change them every 1-2 months and turn them over.
    5. It is recommended to keep the tires inflated. This method will help to avoid tread deformation.
    6. It is forbidden to store tires near sharp objects, fuel, chemicals and petroleum products.

How do I store tires in Skladikoff?

When storing tires on a balcony or garage, it is almost impossible to follow all these rules. In order to extend the life of your tires, we suggest contacting Skladikoff. Rent a comfortable and compact box of 1 m2. It will fit not only 4 wheels, but also several boxes with small parts and seasonal car attributes.

How do I book a box?

Call the phone numbers listed on the website and our specialist will answer your questions, advise you on storage services and help you conclude a rental agreement in 15 minutes.