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Skladikoff Perovskaya

Location of the platform

What is a container for?

Office furniture and office equipment


Apartment moving


Goods for sale
Перовская 6м²
6 м2
12,5 м3

Convenient for seasonal storage:

  • Bicycle / Sled
  • jackets / summer clothes
  • strollers /
from 5200 ₽ / month
Perovskaya 3 m²
3 м2
6 м3

Ideal storage space for small items:

  • car tires
  • ski / snowboard / hockey stick
  • bicycles


from 2500 ₽ / month
Perovskaya 15 m²
15 м2
32 м3

Allows you to effectively solve the problem of storage:

  • warehouse for an online store
  • storage of office furniture
  • storage equipment


from 7900 ₽ / month
Perovskaya office 15 m²
15 м2
32 м3

Comfortable office – warehouse in a 15 m2 container:

  • showroom
  • workshop
  • studio (sound recordings) and more 
from 11000 ₽ / month

The platform's review

Client feedback

Client feedback

Rent of a warehouse container VAO

The problem of warehousing of goods, things for the period of a change of a rented apartment or office, sale of real estate has always existed. Finding a free room on the first or second floor in a very short period of time is practically impossible.

Compact warehouse container for rent on the Shosse Entiziastov

Offered for rent indoor area has the most popular area of ​​15 square meters. m and a good filling volume of 33 cubic meters. It is suitable for any purpose, Inside there are floors, lighting, which is a good condition for any purpose:

  • Temporary storage of things when changing office or housing.
  • Use as a warehouse for an online store.
  • Storage of furniture, dishes, office equipment.
  • Warehousing car tires.
  • Temporary placement of your sports equipment – bicycles, scooters, inflatable boats.

Favorable transportation link to your future warehouse – 5 minutes of free walking from the metro station, will allow you to quickly reach the place of storage of your belongings, goods or services.

Where can I rent a container in Perovo?

склад-контейнер в ВАОсклад-контейнер в Перово

We offer your choice a large list of objects where you can order the necessary site for temporary use. All of them are geographically tied to subway stations. If you live in the radius of the Perovo metro, you can easily temporarily or permanently order one or more containers for your needs.

This container site is also notable for the fact that residents of Balashikha, Monino, Lukino-Varino can use it, because it is from here that all minibuses go to them. That is, the container can be used for storage, and for trade, and for the provision of a whole range of services such as minor repairs of clothes, rental bicycles, rollers, prams, and winter sports equipment.

It is very convenient and at an affordable cost. Many rent several adjacent containers at the same time. One of them is used as a warehouse, and the second, as a mini workshop for repairing household appliances, a welding workshop, furniture assembly, and gluing of packaging containers (boxes).

Eastern Autonomous Region storage container infrastructure

All of the Eastern Autonomous Region
storage containers offered for rent are located not only with a good connection to transport, but also located on an asphalt area with a good entrance for vehicles of any carrying capacity.
You do not need to worry about the safety of your material assets, because there is security and a 24-hour video surveillance system for all containers. Lighting in the dark gives an excellent opportunity to use your rented warehouse at any time of the day.

Choosing a storage site in Perovo

If you need to rent a container, we will help you choose a container in a convenient place, considering the premises in the context of transport links to your location or future trading place, area of ​​service, and so on.
There are no unresolved issues, because the storage areas were created to help people do business, warehousing goods, temporary storage of furniture, office equipment during moving and repairs.
Try renting a container once, and you will be very pleased with this service.