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Skladikoff Eniseyskaya

Контейнер 15 м2

from 11900 ₽ / month

Контейнер 6 м2

from 6500 ₽ / month
Eniseyskaya 3 m²

Контейнер 3 м2

from 4200 ₽ / month

Стоимость аренды контейнера


Eniseyskaya 15 m²Eniseyskaya 6 m²Eniseyskaya 3 m²
Суточный 7 дней
5425 ₽/ 7дн.
3325 ₽/ 7дн.
2695 ₽/ 7дн.
Суточный 15 дней
9300 ₽/ 15дн.
5475 ₽/ 15дн.
4275 ₽/ 15дн.
Суточный 30 дней
15000 ₽/ 30дн.
8400 ₽/ 30дн.
5700 ₽/ 30дн.
Месячный (от 2 мес)
₽/месяц + депозит
11900 ₽/ 1мес. + 11900 ₽ депозит
6500 ₽/ 1мес. + 6500 ₽ депозит
4200 ₽/ 1мес. + 4200 ₽ депозит

Аренда контейнеров в Складикофф Боксшеринг

Склад-контейнер для:

Rent of a warehouse-container in Medvedkovo

Have you decided to free your apartment from unnecessary things, make your office as comfortable as possible, or expand the living space in the house? No place to store seasonal items or furniture during renovation? Nowhere to store goods or other household items for business? The best solution in this case would be to rent a container warehouse in Medvedkovo.

By renting a warehouse, you can solve many problems and get rid of various inconveniences. You will receive a personal closed container with access at any time of the day just 4 minutes walk from Babushkinskaya metro station, where you can take your personal belongings and not worry about their safety.

An individual container warehouse is suitable for storing:

  • household appliances;
  • office furniture;
  • car tires;
  • personal belongings;
  • transport;
  • documents and archives;
  • goods;
  • building materials;
  • equipment, etc.

To book, contact a specialized organization and select the container suitable for booking. Give preference to companies operating on the basis of a legal contract. So you will be reliably protected from possible risks.

Where can I rent a container warehouse near Botanichesky Sad metro station?

склад-контейнер в Медведковосклад-контейнер Ботанический сад

If you are looking for the most profitable place to order the rental of a container warehouse in Medvedkovo, please contact our company Skladikoff. We offer individual storage services for individuals and entrepreneurs. With us, you can rent a container of various sizes and volumes for almost any item for the period you need. The height of the containers allows you to store even sports equipment and personal transport in them.

Skladikoff – dozens of containers of various sizes at a budget price, which are a real innovation in the field of storage. Using our professional services, you will receive your own round-the-clock mini-warehouse with security, lighting, video surveillance and a fire safety system.

Advantages of renting a warehouse in our company:

  • convenient location;
  • territory security;
  • turnkey transportation of things;
  • convenient access;
  • registration of an official contract;
  • convenient payment methods

You can rent a warehouse-container from us for any period without intermediaries and unnecessary hassle. To do this, contact us at the phones indicated on the website. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide guidance on prices.