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Skladikoff Luberci

Контейнер 3 м2

from 3900 ₽ / month

Контейнер 1 м2

from 1000 ₽ / month

Контейнер 15 м2

from 12900 ₽ / month

Контейнер 6 м2

from 6500 ₽ / month

Стоимость аренды контейнера


Odesskaya 3 m²Odesskaya 1 м²Odesskaya 15 m²Odesskaya 6 m²
нижний ярусверхний ярус
Суточный 7 дней
1960 ₽/ 7дн.
910 ₽/ 7дн.
770 ₽/ 7дн.
6650 ₽/ 7дн.
3325 ₽/ 7дн.
Суточный 15 дней
3300 ₽/ 15дн.
1500 ₽/ 15дн.
1200 ₽/ 15дн.
10950 ₽/ 15дн.
5475 ₽/ 15дн.
Суточный 30 дней
5100 ₽/ 30дн.
2400 ₽/ 30дн.
1800 ₽/ 30дн.
16800 ₽/ 30дн.
8400 ₽/ 30дн.
Месячный (от 2 мес)
₽/месяц + депозит
3900 ₽/ 1мес. + 3900 ₽ депозит
1500 ₽/ 1мес. + 1500 ₽ депозит
1000 ₽/ 1мес. + 1000 ₽ депозит
12900 ₽/ 1мес. + 12900 ₽ депозит
6500 ₽/ 1мес. + 6500 ₽ депозит

Аренда контейнеров в Складикофф Боксшеринг

Склад-контейнер для:

Lease of a warehouse-container in the South-West Administrative District

Warehouse and commercial premises are always a problem, for almost everyone who is engaged in trade or services. Where to find a platform to “start” your own business, how to get out of a situation when you were suddenly denied renting real estate. Where to put personal belongings, inventory, “simple equipment” or household furniture. There is a simple and reliable way out that will help everyone rent a container warehouse in the South-West Administrative District.

We offer a simple and reliable solution to everyone who is geographically tied to the Southwestern Administrative District. It is here that you can rent a compact container with an area of ​​15 sq. m., located in a protected area with high-quality asphalt pavement, lighting, wide passage. A long refrigerator, Gazelle or other vehicles can freely pass here.

Cleaning of the territory from snow and debris is carried out with special equipment. All platforms are arranged in rows, the doors of the container open to the maximum, so there are no problems with unloading things and goods.

How can you use the container on Nagornaya

Renting a site is convenient for those who live near the metro stations Nagornaya, Sevastopolskaya or Nakhimovsky prospect. If you want to make repairs and do not know where to put the furniture, then a small container will solve all problems. In a volume of 32 cubic meters. m. even furniture from a one-room apartment will easily fit in.

склад-контейнер в ЮЗАОсклад-контейнер на Нагорной

If you rent an apartment and decide to leave the capital for six months, then here too the container will become an advantageous offer for storing your belongings, because its payment is much cheaper than a one-room apartment.

Entrepreneurs who want to try their hand at a small business in the service sector or e-commerce can also rent a container on our marketplace for:

  • Bicycle rental and repair.
  • Minor clothing repair.
  • Service and sale of sewing machines.
  • Trade in fittings, plastic, disposable tableware.
  • Sale of fishing tackle and bait.
  • Acceptance of tires for vulcanization.
  • Reception of recyclable materials.
  • Repair of power tools and household appliances.

The site is also an actual solution for ordinary citizens who do not have basements or a garage. Here you can store tires. Garden tools. Bicycles, small boats, tents, recreation equipment in the form of sunbeds, umbrellas and garden furniture.

It is very profitable for a family business in the service sector to rent several adjacent sites, two or three. One container will serve as an office, and the next one will serve as a workshop or warehouse. You can also team up with acquaintances and have a container for a small business.

Pricing policy for renting a warehouse in the South-Western Administrative District

It all depends on the period for which you want to conclude a contract. The rental price does not exceed the average for the district, there is a system of discounts and loyalty for regular customers.

There are no unsolvable problems with site selection. We will help you find what you need. Call us or see the information on the website. There is always a manager on the territory who is ready to help you in resolving issues with renting a container, concluding an agreement and providing any information in this matter.