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Skladikoff Tushino

Аренда контейнера 15 м2 в Тушино
Контейнер 15 м2
Свободно: 2
from 11900 ₽ / month
Tushino 6 m2
Контейнер 6 м2
Свободно: 2
from 6500 ₽ / month
Tushino 3 м2
Контейнер 3 м2
Свободно: 5
from 3500 ₽ / month

Стоимость аренды контейнера


Tushino 15 m2
Свободно: 2
Tushino 6 m2
Свободно: 2
Тушино 3 м2
Свободно: 5
Суточный 7 дней
5425 ₽/ 7дн.
3325 ₽/ 7дн.
1820 ₽/ 7дн.
Суточный 15 дней
9300 ₽/ 15дн.
5475 ₽/ 15дн.
3000 ₽/ 15дн.
Суточный 30 дней
15000 ₽/ 30дн.
8400 ₽/ 30дн.
4650 ₽/ 30дн.
Месячный (от 2 мес)
₽/месяц + депозит
11900 ₽/ 1мес. + 11900 ₽ депозит
6500 ₽/ 1мес. + 6500 ₽ депозит
3500 ₽/ 1мес. + 3500 ₽ депозит

Аренда контейнеров в Складикофф Боксшеринг

  • We will transport things without your participation
  • We work with tenants directly under an official contract
  • Video surveillance and round-the-clock access to the warehouse
  • Lights and sockets in every container
  • Sealed dust and moisture resistant containers
  • Closed area and security

Склад-контейнер для:

Container warehouse rental in Tushino


Container warehouse rental in Tushino

Renting a warehouse container for storing things in Tushino is currently a fairly simple task that does not require large financial costs. Many specialized companies offer their services, but a really profitable solution would be to rent an individual container at Skladikoff Boxing.

Renting an individual container warehouse will help:

  • place seasonal items;
  • free the balcony from tires, bicycles, sledges;
  • unload the pantry;
  • rid the living space of the necessary, but unnecessary things;
  • save inventory and equipment, etc.

A container warehouse is especially relevant for those people who have started repairs or are preparing to move. You will save your time and property, as well as reduce the likelihood of unexpected costs in the event of damage or theft. By paying for the rental of a warehouse, you pay only for the actually used volume. If you need more or less room, you can easily change the container from a large one to a smaller one.

Advantages of renting a container warehouse near Skhodnenskaya metro station

If you are looking for a warehouse container for rent in the area of ​​the Skhodnenskaya and Tushino metro stations, the Skladikoff Boxing company will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Choose a container convenient for you, send your data, sign an official contract without leaving your home, and immediately bring your things to us. If you do not have your own freight transport, you can use the complex moving services. We will transport your belongings and equipment to the warehouse at any time convenient for you, quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Our advantages:

  • round-the-clock video surveillance;
  • protected area;
  • customer support 24/7;
  • personal access to personal belongings at any time of the day;
  • dustproof and waterproof box;
  • conclusion of an agreement;
  • the possibility of paying rent online.

Skladikoff Boxing is the ability to safely store your belongings with first-class service. Our services will be useful to everyone, from housewives to online store owners. If you do not have a large apartment with a storage room or a garage, just take the excess to us. We offer attractive prices and the ability to get rid of the inconvenience that confined space causes.