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Webcams on container areas

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SkladikOFF Odesskaya

SkladikOFF Odesskaya. Camera – 1
SkladikOFF Odesskaya. Camera – 2
SkladikOFF Odesskaya. Camera – 3
SkladikOFF Odesskaya. Camera – 4

SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya

SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya. Camera – 1
SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya. Camera – 2
SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya. Camera – 3
SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya. Camera – 4
SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya. Camera – 5
SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya. Camera – 6

SkladikOFF Eniseyskaya

SkladikOFF Eniseyskaya. Camere – 1
SkladikOFF Eniseyskaya. Camere – 2

SkladikOFF Perovskaya

SkladikOFF Perovskaya. Camera – 1
SkladikOFF Perovskaya. Camera – 2

SkladikOFF Shosseynaya

SkladikOFF Shosseynaya. Camera – 1
SkladikOFF Shosseynaya. Camera – 2

Container sites in Moscow

1 Container site SkladikOFF Perovskaya
Moscow, Perovskaya st. 1

2 Container site SkladikOFF Shosseinaya   
Moscow, Shosseinaya st. 1zh

3 Container site SkladikOFF Eniseyskaya
Moscow, Eniseiskaya st. 39

4 Container site SkladikOFF Yaroslavskaya
Moscow, sh.Yaroslavskoe 3, korp.3, str 2

5 Container site SkladikOFF Odesskaya
Moscow, Odesskaya st 6

Directions to our sites

1. We move along w. Enthusiasts towards the Moscow Ring Road. We turn right on the street. Electrode We drive all the way to the intersection with the street. Perovskaya. Next, turn right at the traffic light. And we are looking for the farthest checkpoint (3rd in a row). On the plate is written Perovskaya 1, building 1. To the left of the checkpoint is the inscription in yellow letters on a black background “Tire fitting”. This checkpoint is the farthest, right before leaving for the overpass (North-East Chord).

2 We move along the street Perovskaya to the intersection with the street. Electrode Next, continue straight ahead and look for the farthest 3rd checkpoint.

We call on the territory: We are moving straight. We cross a small hillock – this is the railway. Before reaching the white ISUZU building (red inscription), turn left. We go straight to the stop. On the left, we will see containers 1 through 16 (gray). Next we drive right behind the Avtoprofi building and on our right hand we will have the second part of containers from 17 to 36.

Схема проезда на картах Яндекса Перовская

We are driving along Volgograd Prospect towards the Moscow Ring Road, or towards the Center. Then we turn off on the street. Highway. We go to the intersection with a slingshot (letter Y) with a traffic light. Standing at the traffic lights on your left, enter the territory (next to the stop), but you will not be able to call into it, because there is a double solid. You need to either:

  1. Drive straight through the traffic light, turn around and drive back the traffic light. Immediately after crossing the intersection, after the traffic light, look for the nearest checkpoint. This is the checkpoint closest to the traffic light. The gate color is green and there is a bus stop nearby.
  2. You turn left towards METRO, turn around and pass the traffic light. Immediately after the traffic light, look for the nearest checkpoint. This is the checkpoint closest to the traffic light. The gate color is green and there is a bus stop nearby.

Exit the metro to st. Shosseyanaya, turn right and go straight for 300 meters. There will be a bus stop and a green gate on your left.

We go into the territory -> right -> left -> left-> right-> right (to the very end)
At first, the containers are not ours!

Схема проезда на картах Яндекса Шоссейная улица

We move towards the Center on the street. Yenisei. On the right pass Suvorov military school. Further along the way will be the shopping center Klen. Check-in between the Klen shopping center and the VCA (opposite Rossetey). Turned right and move to the garages. At the gates is a red Lucky Car sign.

We pass the checkpoint, on the left there will be containers – these are not ours. We drive to the very end (all the way).

Схема проезда на картах Яндекса Енисейчася улица 39

Heading towards the Center. Before reaching BP gas station, turn right immediately after college. Right behind the dressing on the left hand there will be a green gate and the inscription Baguette.

We call on territory and on the right side are the container.

Схема проезда на картах Яндекса Ярославское шоссе вл3к3с3

We move along Nakhimovsky Avenue and at the traffic lights we turn onto ul. Odessa. On the right hand pass the shopping center “Lotus”. The first turn to the right and on the left side is a brown gate with a barrier.
Blue container