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Seasonal bike and scooter storage


Eniseyskaya 6 m²Yaroslavskaya 6 m²
Суточный 7 дней
3325 ₽/ 7дн.
3325 ₽/ 7дн.
Суточный 15 дней
5475 ₽/ 15дн.
5475 ₽/ 15дн.
Суточный 30 дней
8400 ₽/ 30дн.
8400 ₽/ 30дн.
Месячный (от 2 мес)
₽/месяц + депозит
6500 ₽/ 1мес. + 6500 ₽ депозит
6500 ₽/ 1мес. + 6500 ₽ депозит

Seasonal bike and scooter storage from 280 ₽ / per day

Boxsharing — short-term rental of a warehouse for storing things for a period of 1 day to 11 months
Standard sizes of storage rooms: container of 15 m2, mini warehouse of 6 m2 and 3 m2, cell (box) 1 m2

  • We will solve the storage problem in 1 minute. Book a container on the site plan on our website. Or call us.
  • We will move things without your participation
  • We work with tenants directly under an official contract
  • Video surveillance and round-the-clock access to the rented warehouse
  • Lighting and sockets in each container
  • Asphalt on container platforms
  • The containers are on the ground floor. For the convenience of our tenants, we do not install containers on the 2nd floor
  • Sealed dust-and moisture-proof containers
  • Closed area and security

We have got 5 container areas in Moscow?

Склад в Одинцово

Warehouse in North

from ₽ / month

Warehouse in South

from ₽ / month
аренда склада на сутки свао

Warehouse in East

from ₽ / month

Warehouse in northwest

from ₽ / month

Warehouse in North-East

from 3900 ₽ / month

How to work with Skladikoff?

Access round-the-clock

Without days off and holidays

Complex moving

We will arrange the transfer of your things to your container and back

Video surveillance

Watch the warehouse online

Lease agreement

Officially, without intermediaries

Payment on the website

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Convenient access

Drive up close to the warehouse on a truck or van

Most often we are asked about:

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Storage of bicycles and scooters, electric bicycles and electric scooters in winter

Сезонное хранение велосипедов зимой

Not every Muscovite has the opportunity to store his favorite bike and electric scooter in an apartment, without compromising the free space. In most cases, the bike and scooter are stored on the balcony or in the common corridor on the site. This brings discomfort to all household members. Unfortunately, older houses do not provide storage space for bicycles and scooters.

Warehouse Boxing Company is ready to take care of storing your bikes in a container – a warehouse at sites that are close to your place of residence. You can rent a warehouse of any area from 1 m2 to 15 m2. to use the seasonal bicycle storage room.

How to choose a warehouse for storing bicycles in Moscow

We offer a huge number of containers to choose from. You can pick up a container personally, or use the help of our manager, having specified your wishes regarding such issues:

  • location of a warehouse for storing a bicycle in winter
  • container warehouse volume
  • lease term
  • daily rate without deposit or monthly with deposit

To simplify the selection of a container, each potential tenant can view all warehouses – containers online and select them on the site plan.

Benefits of renting a warehouse for seasonal storage of bicycles and scooters

Our warehouse sites are located taking into account all the wishes of the tenants:

  • located throughout Moscow
  • adjacent to metro stations and public transport stops
  • are located close to suburban train stations
  • equipped with 24-hour video surveillance cameras
  • have a wide passage between containers
  • the territory is illuminated at night
  • access to the container warehouse at any time

You do not need to be personally present when paying for the arena contract. Each of our clients can do this in any convenient way: through a terminal, a bank or online.

Give us a call and we will help you find a reliable warehouse for seasonal storage of your bike and scooter.