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Storage cell rental


Odesskaya 1 м²Eniseyskaya 3 m²Odesskaya 6 m²
нижний ярусверхний ярус
Суточный 7 дней
910 ₽/ 7дн.
770 ₽/ 7дн.
2695 ₽/ 7дн.
3325 ₽/ 7дн.
Суточный 15 дней
1500 ₽/ 15дн.
1200 ₽/ 15дн.
4275 ₽/ 15дн.
5475 ₽/ 15дн.
Суточный 30 дней
2400 ₽/ 30дн.
1800 ₽/ 30дн.
5700 ₽/ 30дн.
8400 ₽/ 30дн.
Месячный (от 2 мес)
₽/месяц + депозит
1500 ₽/ 1мес. + 1500 ₽ депозит
1000 ₽/ 1мес. + 1000 ₽ депозит
4200 ₽/ 1мес. + 4200 ₽ депозит
6500 ₽/ 1мес. + 6500 ₽ депозит

Storage cell rental from 60 ₽ / per day

Boxsharing — short-term rental of a warehouse for storing things for a period of 1 day to 11 months
Standard sizes of storage rooms: container of 15 m2, mini warehouse of 6 m2 and 3 m2, cell (box) 1 m2

  • We will solve the storage problem in 1 minute. Book a container on the site plan on our website. Or call us.
  • We will move things without your participation
  • We work with tenants directly under an official contract
  • Video surveillance and round-the-clock access to the rented warehouse
  • Lighting and sockets in each container
  • Asphalt on container platforms
  • The containers are on the ground floor. For the convenience of our tenants, we do not install containers on the 2nd floor
  • Sealed dust-and moisture-proof containers
  • Closed area and security

We have got 5 container areas in Moscow?

Склад в Одинцово
Warehouse in North
from ₽ / month
Warehouse in South
from ₽ / month
Warehouse in East
from ₽ / month
Warehouse in northwest
from ₽ / month
Warehouse in North-East
from 3900 ₽ / month

How to work with Skladikoff?

Access round-the-clock

Without days off and holidays

Complex moving

We will arrange the transfer of your things to your container and back

Video surveillance

Watch the warehouse online

Lease agreement

Officially, without intermediaries

Payment on the website

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Convenient access

Drive up close to the warehouse on a truck or van

Most often we are asked about:

About our container sites

Our containers are compactly located on container platforms. You can see the list of container platforms in the Contacts section.

We now have 5 sites and the list is expanding, so stay tuned to our official pages on Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte

Our sites differ in their location, as they are located in different districts of Moscow. There are different sizes of containers on different platforms, for more information about standard sizes, see the section Platforms

About our containers

We have very little storage cell area of 1 m2 and a volume of 1 m3 is larger: 3 m2 (6 m2), a warehouse of 6 m2 (12,5 m3) large and roomy (15 m2 of 32.5 m3).
Cell (box) 1 m2 is a convenient place for storage of tires and disks, accounting and legal documents, including file storage, household goods and utensils from the leased apartment or office equipment when moving.
Small container of 3 m2-suitable for storing: small items, furniture, appliances.
The average container of 6 m2 is necessary for larger things: large household appliances, office office equipment, etc.
Rent a large container of 15 m2 for a large and oversized property – they are convenient to store corner sofas and beds in assembled form, equipment of enterprises, seasonal prefabricated structures (summer verandas of cafes and restaurants) and much more.

An important distinguishing feature of Skladikoff Boxsharing: we rent EXCLUSIVELY INDIVIDUAL warehouses in containers, protected from all sides.

90% of our containers are equipped with lighting and an outlet.

Yes, all our tenants at all container sites can enter the territory and use the container AROUND the CLOCK, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, without holidays and weekends. But! The working hours of container platforms are divided into day shift (07: 00-21:00) and night shift (21:00-07: 00).

If you arrive in the day shift, then go to the container immediately, presenting the documents to the security. If you are planning a night check-in, then you need to warn the security.
Contact your personal manager for security numbers.

About payment

a. The deposit can be credited to the last month of the lease

b. The deposit will be refunded to you if you notify us 30 days before the congress.

c. If you have notified us after 30 days, only those days that exceed 30 days from the date of notification will be refunded.


The rental price is 8,000 rubles and the deposit is 8,000 rubles. The tenant paid the rent from January 15, 2020 to June 14, 2020. The tenant planned to move out on June 14, 2020, but did not consider it necessary to warn us 30 days in advance, and notified us of the upcoming exit on June 4, 2020.

In this case, the refund is calculated as follows:

In the calculated month, July, 31 days. Deposit (8,000 rubles) / 31 days = 258 rubles 06 kopecks for 1 day.
Days to be refunded: June 5 (the day after the notification date) + 30 days = July 5. The time before this date can either be used by the container, or the amount from June 14 to July 5 will be counted as a penalty. The amount to be refunded is from July 5 to July 14 = 10 days
10 days * 258 p 06 kopecks (for 1 day) = 2580 p 60 kopecks – this is the amount to be refunded

We regularly post promotions and special offers on the website in the Promotions section, and on our Instagram page @skladikoff_boxsharing

If you stop paying the rent, we will try to contact you by all available means. If you promise to pay and do not comply within 5 days, we will block your access to the site and to the container – we will install a seal and warn the security.

In case of non-payment of rent within 8 days from the date of the last paid period, the property in the container is recognized as abandoned and ownerless, and is transferred to the property of the Lessor. We dispose of things, we collect the bill for disposal from the Tenant.

But, in life, there are different situations, we are sympathetic to the Tenants, and are always ready to meet them halfway. Therefore, we ask Tenants to leave the contacts of their friends and relatives, work colleagues, so that if it is impossible to contact you, we still have backup options.

Yes, you can rent without a deposit.
We have 2 groups of tariffs:

– Daily rates-no deposit, daily payment, for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days;

– Monthly rates – with a deposit, payment monthly, for 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 11 months.

The deposit is taken to solve two problems:

In order to cover the losses associated with downtime and the search for a new tenant in the event of an early departure of the tenant
If the lessee allows damage to the container or leaves garbage after the exit, the deposit will cover the losses

In the lease agreement, the deposit is called a Security Payment

The cost of renting a container depends on the tariff that you choose when entering into a lease agreement. Current rates are available on our website in the Platforms section

If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreign citizen, then you need to pay for rent on the website, in the Pay Rent section.

If you are an entrepreneur or an organization, then pay according to the payment invoice sent automatically to your email 5 days before the last paid day

You can now pay rent from anywhere in the world. The main thing is that you have access to the Internet and our website. The payment process itself is no different. If necessary, the lease agreement is extended for the same period.

We do not provide for additional payments, except in cases when you use additional services (in the Lease Agreement – a variable part of the rent):

Electricity. In 90% of containers there are sockets and lighting. They are needed for your convenience: to charge your laptop and smartphone, to light up the container when loading or unloading. Taking into account the installation of energy-saving electrical appliances, this is not more than 1 kW / h per month, NO PAYMENT is CHARGED for this.

But if you will consume electricity in large quantities: use electrical equipment, put a heater, etc., to compensate for the loss, you will BE CHARGED a FEE. In the invoice, exactly in the purpose of payment, it will be indicated “For the maintenance of the container”.

At each container site, garbage cans with a volume of 1 m3 are installed. If you want to use the trash can, and throw out the wrapper from the chocolate bar, the PAYMENT is NOT CHARGED.
But if you throw out garbage bags, and use a garbage container, you will be CHARGED a FEE of 1500 rubles* for garbage collection

*Check the price with the manager

When making a contract, we send a signed copy to you by e-mail in electronic form (contract, invoices, acts and other documents). If you need it, we are ready to send the documents via WhatsApp or other electronic means, including EDI. There is NO charge for this.

If you want to get a paper copy of any document, then you will BE CHARGED 500 rubles for one set of documents. For this money, we prepare documents for shipment, purchase an envelope and stamps, go to the post office and send a set of documents (registered with an inventory and notification).

Thus, in cases where we charge an additional fee, we only compensate for our costs and at the same time provide high-quality individual service only to those tenants who need it and do not shift the cost compensation to other tenants. We do our best to maintain the cost-effectiveness of using the container while maintaining the quality of service.

About the Boxsharing storage service

We are customer-oriented. This means that we work around the clock, and if you have any questions, you can always call us.
Our prices are lower
We have first-class service

1) cylinders of any purpose and volume (gas, oxygen, etc.);

2) fuel and lubricants in any container;

3) pyrotechnics;

4) any food and grain in any container;

5) bulk products with a long shelf life without sealed packaging (salt, sugar, etc.);

6) bulk materials without packaging (crushed stone, sand, gravel);

7) explosive substances and articles;

8) flammable substances and objects;

9) narcotic and psychotropic drugs;

10) substances and objects prohibited by the laws of the Russian Federation.

After loading things into the container, you will need a lock that will close the container. The lock must be purchased in advance. A regular padlock is suitable, the thickness of the shackle is not more than 1 cm.

Locks are not sold on security and on the territory, but you can buy a plastic seal on security, check with your personal manager for availability.

Boxsharing (English box “box” and share “share”) is a short — term rental of a warehouse in a container for storing things for individuals, families, entrepreneurs and organizations.
You select a container on the site and fill in the data. Then you receive the contract and the invoice for payment, you pay the rent and drive into the container. You are assigned a personal manager, from whom you can clarify the information you are interested in.

The container can store furniture, household appliances, documents, equipment, spare parts, vehicles (from a scooter to a small car). Yes, literally everything!

From 1 day to 11 months, then, at your request, the contract is extended for the same period. In fact, the lease term is not limited by time limits, as well as the possibilities of its use.

The containers offered for rent are open. We designed the container platforms in such a way that it was easy to drive up close to the containers on passenger and cargo transport.
You will need to have documents proving your identity and all passengers (if you came to us in a car with other people). Passport, driver’s license, etc.

We do not lock the empty containers during the break between tenants, because we are confident in the safety of the territory. We trust our tenants and have no doubt that after the end of the lease, they will leave the container clean. The fact is that after the Tenant releases the container, we request photos of the container from the inside to check the condition. Only after that, we accept the container according to the Act of acceptance and Transfer. If the Tenant turned out to be dirty, then we clean the container and issue a cleaning bill.

We provide a service of individual storage of things (self storage), not responsible storage. We don’t know WHO, WHEN, HOW MUCH, WHAT they put in the container. The tenant can load things into the container independently, or can hire movers or assign employees.

Therefore, we are not responsible for the inventory items in the container.
At the same time, we provide comprehensive protection: access control, closed territory, video surveillance of containers on the site, we are responsible for the legal legality of the presence of containers on the territory, fire safety of the container site.

Thanks to the security measures, no one has ever opened the lock of our tenants without warning, no one from the tenants has ever complained about any problematic cases.

The containers that we used to go to the cargo ships on the seas and on the rail. Therefore, unlike a conventional warehouse, when manufactured at the factory, our containers are subject to special conditions of dust and moisture protection, as well as increased load capacity. For example, a standard 15 m2 (20 lb) container can handle 20 tons of cargo

About the lease agreement

To terminate the contract, you must notify us in any convenient way. After the lease is completed, we ask you to leave the container clean and send us a photo of the empty container for confirmation.

1. Select a platform and container

2. Choose A Tariff

3. Send the information to WhatsApp or Email

4. Sign the contract and send us its scans

Да, мы можете арендовать у нас независимо от гражданства, только от вас потребуются дополнительные документы: удостоверения личности карта, действующая виза, временная регистрация пребывания в стране, миграционная карта. В остальном, условия не меняются.

Для вашего удобства мы создали наш сайт на двух языках: английском и русском. Чтобы переключить наш сайт на английскую версию, нажмите британский флаг в правом верхнем углу дисплея.

Transportation of items to the warehouse

Yes, we provide a comprehensive relocation service. Our task is to help with the move: so that the client presses one button and a truck with movers arrives on time, and carefully transports the property of any volume, weight and quantity.

The cost of transportation includes:

Cargo truck
Professional movers or riggers

Average cost of moving (for 4 hours: standard gazelle 4*2*2 meters + 2 movers) – 8500 rubles

Create a transfer request on the website and we will accurately calculate the cost of transportation

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Аренда ячейки для хранения вещейStorage of things is an eternal problem, especially if they are not used seasonally, but occupy your area. This applies to the entire property, even if it can occupy up to 1 m2 of space. Skladikoff Boxsharing will help you choose a warehouse from 1 m2 to 15 m2 for temporary or long-term storage of your property.

How to choose a site

Our company offers a choice of sites located in different parts of Moscow.
You can choose the most convenient place for yourself, for example, near your home, work, metro station or transport stop.

On our website there is a map of all container sites and directions to them. You just need to choose a suitable area, contact our manager and reserve a cell of the desired volume or area. To view the site, there is no need to go there. You can make an inspection of the territory with the help of video surveillance cameras that broadcast online.

If you have any questions, our managers will answer them, tell you how to get to the warehouse, which cells are free, how to properly close the container and which lock to purchase. Our rental prices are the lowest in the capital.

What can be stored in a cell

If you are leaving, and you are worried about storing your expensive optics or video equipment, binoculars, laptops, documents, then you should remove the cell for this. It is forbidden to place such items in the cells: chemically active or explosive substances, toxic chemicals, flammable items that can ignite themselves at elevated temperatures.

Our infrastructure

Access to the cell 24/7, security of the territory, the availability of round-the-clock video surveillance, the ability to view your cell from a visible surveillance camera.

Wide driveway, high-quality road surface, lighting in the dark.

You have chosen a place and liked our rental conditions, then call us!