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Odesskaya 1 м²

Rent a storage cell for 55 r / day

The lowest price in Moscow, the promotion is limited

1 м2
1,2 м3

Container dimensions:

Depth: 1,2m

Width: 0,9m

Height: 1,2m

Area: 1 m²

Volume: 1,2 m3

The cost of renting a container includes:

– 24-hour security with access control

-24-hour video surveillance

-Lighting in the container

-Closed area

-Official lease agreement

-Payment through the site

-Asphalted entrance

What is a container for?

Archive and documentation


Car tires

Personal belongings

Office equipment
The tariff Conditions of the tariff Price of the lower deck Price of the upper deck
Daily 7 daysMinimum term 7 days
No deposit required
110 ₽/day100 ₽/day
Daily 15 daysMinimum term 15 days
No deposit required
80 ₽/day70 ₽/day
Daily 30 daysMinimum term 30 days
No deposit required
60 ₽/day45 ₽/day
MonthlyMounthly payment, rent from 2 month
+ deposit
1000 ₽/month700 ₽/month
Rental seasonPayment for 3 months, rent from 3 months
+ deposit
970 ₽/month670 ₽/month
HeatPayment for 6 months, rent from 6 months
+ deposit
940 ₽/month640 ₽/month
MaximumPayment for 11 months, rent for 11 months
+ deposit
900 ₽/month600 ₽/month

Skladikoff Odesskaya ideal for