We do not provide for additional payments, except in cases when you use additional services (in the Lease Agreement – a variable part of the rent):

Electricity. In 90% of containers there are sockets and lighting. They are needed for your convenience: to charge your laptop and smartphone, to light up the container when loading or unloading. Taking into account the installation of energy-saving electrical appliances, this is not more than 1 kW / h per month, NO PAYMENT is CHARGED for this.

But if you will consume electricity in large quantities: use electrical equipment, put a heater, etc., to compensate for the loss, you will BE CHARGED a FEE. In the invoice, exactly in the purpose of payment, it will be indicated “For the maintenance of the container”.

At each container site, garbage cans with a volume of 1 m3 are installed. If you want to use the trash can, and throw out the wrapper from the chocolate bar, the PAYMENT is NOT CHARGED.
But if you throw out garbage bags, and use a garbage container, you will be CHARGED a FEE of 1500 rubles* for garbage collection

*Check the price with the manager

When making a contract, we send a signed copy to you by e-mail in electronic form (contract, invoices, acts and other documents). If you need it, we are ready to send the documents via WhatsApp or other electronic means, including EDI. There is NO charge for this.

If you want to get a paper copy of any document, then you will BE CHARGED 500 rubles for one set of documents. For this money, we prepare documents for shipment, purchase an envelope and stamps, go to the post office and send a set of documents (registered with an inventory and notification).

Thus, in cases where we charge an additional fee, we only compensate for our costs and at the same time provide high-quality individual service only to those tenants who need it and do not shift the cost compensation to other tenants. We do our best to maintain the cost-effectiveness of using the container while maintaining the quality of service.