We have very little storage cell area of 1 m2 and a volume of 1 m3 is larger: 3 m2 (6 m2), a warehouse of 6 m2 (12,5 m3) large and roomy (15 m2 of 32.5 m3).
Cell (box) 1 m2 is a convenient place for storage of tires and disks, accounting and legal documents, including file storage, household goods and utensils from the leased apartment or office equipment when moving.
Small container of 3 m2-suitable for storing: small items, furniture, appliances.
The average container of 6 m2 is necessary for larger things: large household appliances, office office equipment, etc.
Rent a large container of 15 m2 for a large and oversized property – they are convenient to store corner sofas and beds in assembled form, equipment of enterprises, seasonal prefabricated structures (summer verandas of cafes and restaurants) and much more.

An important distinguishing feature of Skladikoff Boxsharing: we rent EXCLUSIVELY INDIVIDUAL warehouses in containers, protected from all sides.